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Arbor Day is Here!

All government intervention leads to unintended consequences. The government's support of a "holiday" to plant trees is no different. Little does the government know what an excellent opportunity it is for the libertarian to plot its demise. Although covert and fairly long-term, a more sinister threat to government cannot be imagined. We should plant impenetrable hedges to fortify our property and allergy provoking trees around government offices. Etc., etc. Ambrose Bierce wrote a little poem (reprinted in The Sardonic Humor of Ambrose Bierce) to get us into the spirit of it: Hasten, children, black and white – Celebrate the yearly rite. Every pupil plant a tree: It will grow some day to be Big and strong enough to bear A School Director hanging there. After all, H.L. Mencken did recommend, "hanging all the professors of pedagogy" (A Mencken Chrestomathy, p. 311). Well? What are you waiting for? For more info on Arbor Day go here.

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