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Benjamin Marks is a comedy writer based in Sydney, Australia. He is editor of the print and online Misesian magazine Capitalism.HK, published by Hong Kong's Lion Rock Institute. He also runs

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Archipelagos of Educational Chaos

Big GovernmentEducationTaxes and SpendingMonopoly and Competition

07/30/2014The Journal of Libertarian Studies
The defense of government schooling, like government itself, is based on fallacies. In this article, I directly refute many of the main arguments for government schooling. Using argumentation ethics, all conceivable arguments are refuted, thereby eliminating any valid reason for its continuance...


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Grounding Political Debate

03/03/2009Libertarian Papers
Abstract: This essay is intentionally one-sided. Almost all other essays by either defenders of capitalism (libertarians) or defenders of government (statists) are oppositely one-sided. They claim that capitalism’s voluntariness or government’s coerciveness mean that capitalism or government better...


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The Malthusian Trap

The Environment

11/23/2004Mises Daily Articles
Any numbskull can find statistics to show that if the resource base stays the same and population increases then all hell will break loose, writes Benjamin Marks. This is the Malthusian mirage.
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Water Down Government

The EnvironmentFinancial MarketsFree MarketsValue and Exchange

09/01/2004Mises Daily Articles
Is Australia a dry country? Not at all, writes Benjamin Marks. It has more rainfall than the United States!
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