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99% in Southern Sudan vote for secession


It is one of thousands of cases where one group of people wants to live differently than the way in which another group of people forces them to live. In this case, those who were not allowed to live as they wanted have now been given the choice to vote their way to freedom. Low and behold, 99% of the people chose to live differently.

The world is celebrating Southern Sudan independence as a great thing. But in most cases in history, those who want to secede are violently stopped from seeking the freedom they want. Even in our “free” country of America today, one who talks about secession is seen a quack and a nut, even though secession is precisely what our country was founded on.

It is a true shame that most people in the world today do not live as they would choose to live, and are not given the option of doing so.

Kel Kelly is the Head of Economic and Commodity Research at an international energy and agribusiness firm. He is the author of The Case for Legalizing Capitalism. He lives in Atlanta. Send him mail.


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