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30 Most Popular Mises Dailies of 2012


Be sure to read any you missed!

1. Why ObamaCare Will Fail: A Reading List – Mises.org
2. The Skeptic’s Case – David M.W. Evans
3. The Seven Rules of Bureaucracy – Loyd S. Pettegrew
4. In Praise of Homeschools – Aaron Smith
5. The Task Confronting Libertarians – Henry Hazlitt
6. Charting Fun with Krugman – Robert P. Murphy
7. Is the United States in a Liquidity Trap? – Frank Shostak
8. It’s 1980 Again – Doug French
9. The Molyneux Problem – David Gordon
10. Government Medical “Insurance” – Murray N. Rothbard
11. An Austrian Defense of the Euro – Jesus Huerta de Soto
12. Currency Wars – Doug French
13. How Deflationary Forces Will Be Turned into Inflation – Thorsten Polleit
14. Price Gouging Saves Lives in a Hurricane – David M. Brown
15. Currency Debasement and Social Collapse – Ludwig von Mises
16. Why Estonia Is Beating the Eurozone – Frank Shostak
17. Child Safety and State Failure – Ninos P. Malek
18. What Is a Scientific Theory? – Mark R. Crovelli
19. The Myth of Austerity – Philipp Bagus
20. Hyperinflation Is Not Inevitable (Default Is) – Gary North
21. The Bernanke Bust – Michael Pollaro
22. It’s Not Really about the Debt – Frank Shostak
23. Of Krugman and Diocletian – Peter C. Earle
24. New York Fed: Leave the Building! – Robert Wenzel
25. Withholding Consent from the Khan – Peter C. Earle
26. “Fool’s Gold” Standards – John P. Cochran
27. Dancing on the Grave of Keynesianism – Gary North
28. The Fiasco of Fiat Money – Thorsten Polleit
29. The Vampire Economy and the Market – Ben O’Neill
30. The 99 and the 1 – Daniel J. Sanchez

Dan Sanchez is a libertarian freelance writer. He is a contributing editor at Antiwar.com, where he writes a regular column, and an independent journalist at Anti-Media. His work has frequently appeared at such websites as Zero Hedge, the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, and David Stockman's Contra Corner. His writings are collected at DanSanchez.me.

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