Austrian Economics Newsletter

AEN Spring 1979 v. 2, no.1

AEN Spring 1979 v. 2, no.1

Atlantic Economic Association Highlights Carl Menger by Susan G. Cole
                Two Panels Stress Entrepreneurship
                                (Southern Meetings by Jack High) (American Meetings by Lawrence H. White)
                Rutgers to hold Conference on Inflation
                Symposium on Theory and Method in the Social Sciences held in Milwaukee
                  by Robert Bradley, Jr.
                Menger Society holds Conference on Hayek
                Seminar for Austro-German Philosophy
                Austrian School and Spontaneous Order: Comment on O’Driscoll by Lawrence H. White
                Summer Fellowship Program in Law and Economics
                Austrian Economic Seminar, Part III: 1977-78
                Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science by Mises (reviewed by Matthew Krogdahl)

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