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Help the Institute Build a Brighter Future

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Like never before, we are threatened by a terrifying axis of a left-controlled government and proudly progressive corporate power. In 2020, Big Tech has escalated its attempt to control the narrative. The result? Mises Institute Google links are becoming harder to find. Social media reach is getting harder to achieve. Videos are disappearing from YouTube completely.

Luckily, people are responding.

Despite these attempts to silence us, the Mises Institute has seen the highest traffic to our website in its history. Enthusiasm for our events allowed us to continue live, in-person gatherings throughout the year. Consumption of our digital content has never been greater.

Still, we cannot be complacent—and we are not.

Just as we anticipated the dangers of the war on cash and the threat of the “Great Reset,” we knew that there would be a time when our ideas would be targeted by the censors of Silicon Valley. As such, we have been building parallel platforms for years to ensure that our content is available around the world.Due to YouTube’s censorship, we will be relying more on platforms such as Odysee and Bitchute.

In the case of social media, we are staying active on new platforms such as Parler, but are also trying to have direct contact with our readers by encouraging them to subscribe to our daily email.

Perhaps most importantly, our growing graduate school has created an outlet for higher education outside of America’s decrepit university system. This, alongside Mises University, Rothbard Graduate Seminar, our Research Fellowship program, and both our academic journals, ensures that we will continue to support scholars keeping the Austro-libertarian tradition alive.

Like Ludwig von Mises himself, the Mises Institute is committed to an uncompromising defense of civilization. Our enemies will denounce us, they will mock us, they will try to silence us—but with people like you they will not be able to stop us.

To build a better future, we will have to build institutions grounded in merit and truth.

With your support, we will continue to do just that.


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