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Donate $5, Get Rothbard’s Greatest Myths!

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Rothbard destroys the greatest myths of our time.

America has been captured by economic denialism. The political class has driven the debt to a point that was once thought unimaginable. Inflation continues to eat away at the paychecks of everyone. The weaponization of the dollar has driven other countries to seek to abandon it.

In 1984, Murray Rothbard wrote Ten Great Economic Myths, a succinct attack on the fallacies perpetrated by the politicization of the economy. The political agenda continues to seep into all facets of our lives and needs to be unmasked. With your donation today, you will receive a copy of this Rothbard classic.

The power of Ten Great Economic Myths is in its brevity. It is short and to the point. The timeless wisdom will sharpen the skills of the most veteran reader of Mises.org and open a new world to those who have never been exposed to Murray Rothbard.

Along with this great minibook, your donation during our Fall Campaign will allow the Mises Institute to continue its mission to engage in the most important intellectual battles of our time. We can only do it with the support of people like you.

Join us or renew your membership today! Any amount is appreciated and will help to fight back, and your donation of $100 will make you a 2024 Member and you will be listed on mises.org as a donor. Or consider a recurring donation of $5 that will also make you a 2024 Member.


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