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Alabama Is At It Again


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There's a Noel Coward dance hall song called: "Alice is at it Again". "Up the alley and down the lane, Alice is at it again." And it means just what you think it means. But here in Alabama when the state goes dizzy with power, we say: "Alabama is at it again."

And so they are. Next week, under the banner of "Take Back Our Highways" (whose highways?) they're putting 200 extra State Troopers on the road. What a classic seen and unseen situation. Seen: 8 extra speeders brought to justice. Unseen: 40 more burglaries, 20 more mall hijackings, l5 muggings. Those extra speed detectors "normally work as investigators." No free lunch you know. If you're going to divert resources to I-565 looking for speeders, you're bound to miss lots of illegal action on the back roads.

Wow, if there was ever a weekend to knock over the Loosahatchie State Bank or settle that feud with your trespassing neighbor, this is it. And as compensation the State's going to grab a few dozen drivers cruising at 72 instead of 70. Alabama is at it again!!

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