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Xavier Méra teaches at University Rennes 2.

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On Conceptualizing Risk: A Comment on Hoffmann

Austrian Economics OverviewEntrepreneurship

02/06/2019Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Méra argues in this comment that Hoffmann’s criticisms of the Misesian approach to risk and his case for an alternative are unconvincing.
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Factor Prices under Monopoly

Monopoly and Competition

07/30/2014Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
This paper explains how grants of monopolistic privileges to capitalists can lower labor and land factors’ prices compared to what would prevail in a free market environment.


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Comparative Advantage and Uncertainty Bearing

Value and Exchange

07/30/2014Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
The law of association as espoused by David Ricardo and generalized by Ludwig von Mises cannot directly convey what is at stake in exchanges involving specialization in uncertainty bearing.


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The Life of an International Economics Student


04/30/2011Mises Media
Go experience other countries. Travel will improve your mindset and your character. Travel does broaden.
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Futures, Prices and Production

03/15/2011Mises Media
Session on Explorations in Macroeconomics and Finance. Recorded March 11, 2011, at the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. [16:07]
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