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Trieu Nguyen is currently a student at Hillsdale College majoring in Economics and Mathematics, and a graduate of Mises University and Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research. Trieu is currently working with F-Group Vietnam, a non-profit libertarian organization in Vietnam working on translating to Vietnamese classic works of libertarian and Austrian thinkers, especially Mises, Hayek and Rothbard. Trieu has been fascinated with the Austrian school, and aims at pursuing graduate study in economics after his graduation from Hillsdale.

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China's Growing Real Estate Bubble

Global Economy


Thanks to huge amounts of fiscal and monetary stimulus, China is in the midst of a very large housing bubble, with predictable results for housing affordability.

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Why Socialist Calculation Is Always Impossible

SocialismValue and Exchange


True economic value begins in the minds of individuals, and only individuals can predict, plan, and act in the marketplace.

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