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The War Tax That Never Went Away

03/14/2006Mises Daily Articles
The telephone tax initially was a penny a call — a single cent. Writes Ted Roberts: Eventually there was real money to be made from a phone tax.
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Postal Commissars to Raise Rates. Don't Complain.

Big GovernmentFree Markets

05/02/2005Mises Daily Articles
If there's a cyclical event in economics as dependable as the rising sun in the natural world, writes Ted Roberts, it's the regularity of postal rate increases.
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Taxes and Criminality

Taxes and Spending

04/01/2005The Free Market
The concept of taxation well deserves its partnership with death. Death and taxes, you know. Two vultures. Both, to say the least, deadly.
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The Innocent Are Dead or Bankrupt

02/18/2005Mises Daily Articles
Russia, like the US, has a tax law. It is their current substitute for the knout of Czarist days, writes Ted Roberts.
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Markets Care; Governments Don't

Big GovernmentMonopoly and CompetitionValue and Exchange

06/06/2002Mises Daily Articles
Ted Roberts asks why his president, my congressman, my governor, the Postmaster General, or the county tax assessor isn't as eager to hear his opinions as a manufacturer of sugared, cola-flavored water? Politicians seem oblivious to the charms of consumer prejudices, but giants like Pepsi, and even...
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