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Robert Blumen, a software engineer with a background in financial applications. Blumen, who lives in San Francisco, has a physics degree from Stanford University and writes frequently for,, and other sites. He has spoken at economic and finance conferences on Austrian economics, and he is the editor of the podcast Software Engineering Radio.

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We’re All in This Together. But Not in the Way You Think.

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Some claim "the rich" will be fine—or even better off—after the COVID panic destroys the economy for most of us. But there's a problem: the wealthy depend heavily on an economy fueled by the production and consumption of all workers and entrepreneurs.

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Investors and Austrian Economics

Financial MarketsU.S. History

09/07/2014The Free Market
In recent years, we’ve seen more and more Austrian-tinged economic analysis. There has been tremendous growth in interest in Austrian economics among financial professionals.
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Investors and Austrian Economics

Financial MarketsFree MarketsBusiness Cycles

07/04/2014Mises Daily Articles
Robert Blumen talks with the Mises Institute with a about the Austrian School’s growing influence among investors.
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Say’s Law and the Permanent Recession

Business CyclesMonetary TheoryOther Schools of Thought

02/28/2014Mises Daily Articles
To this day, Keynesian economics has no answer to Say’s Law.
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The Deflationary Spiral Bogey

Free MarketsMoney and Banking

02/14/2013Mises Daily Articles
Why should a price having fallen indicate that it will continue to fall? Why should past trends continue?
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