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Pavel Ryska

Works Published inQuarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

Pavel Ryska is associated with the Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. He is the winner of the Mises Institute's 2018 O.P. Alford III Prize.

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Deflation and Economic Growth: The Great Depression as the Great Outlier

Booms and BustsMoney and Banking

12/06/2017Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
The Great Depression is the only period where deflation seems to be strongly associated with recession.
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Efficiency Wages and Involuntary Unemployment Revisited

Production Theory

07/30/2014Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
In this paper we tackle two shortcomings of the present efficiency wage models. Firstly, they do not fully account for labor heterogeneity, thus implying that high-effort and low-effort units of labor are interchangeable.


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