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Paul Boyce is a Business Economics graduate from the University of Greenwich. He currently works as a consultant in financial services and is the founder and editor at

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How Government Regulations Mean Fewer Doctors


Governments fund and regulates the overwhelming majority of post-med-school residencies. Not surprisingly, there is now a shortage in residency positions. And government refuses to allow for greater freedom in licensing foreign doctors.

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Why Housing Is More Affordable In Tokyo

Bureaucracy and Regulation


In a city with rapidly rising housing needs, there is really only one way to keep housing prices stable or falling: produce a lot of housing.

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Farm Subsidies Are Corporate Welfare — And They Cost Us Plenty

Taxes and Spending


Farm subsidies encourage farmers to be inefficient and wasteful. Moreover, subsidies mostly benefit large farms and landowners, and not the "small family farms" we're told the subsidies protect.

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"Free" College Won't Improve Education

05/17/2019Power & Market

Colleges already are too dis-connected from market-based rewards for education that teaches real marketable skills. The plans for "free" college would make this even worse.

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Occupational Licensing — An Unnecessary Evil

Big GovernmentU.S. EconomyInterventionism

05/06/2019Mises Media
The number of jobs that require an occupational license now covers 30% of the US workforce, up from 5% in 1950.
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