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Causation and Aggression

Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
In the context of legal analysis, one important praxeological doctrine is the distinction between action and mere behavior. The difference between action and behavior boils down to intent.

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Plato and the Spell of the State

Libertarian PapersMarch 6, 2011
Abstract: This essay attempts to show that Plato’s thought makes important contributions to libertarian theory. Plato diagnoses the state as essentially a state of mind, one in which irrational desires replace natural reason as a guide to ethical conduct. The statist mindset is therefore...

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The Role of Subscription-Based Patrol and Restitution in the Future of Liberty

Libertarian PapersFebruary 11, 2009
Market anarchists are often keen to know how we might rid ourselves of the twin evils institutionalized in the state: taxation and monopoly. A possible future history for North America is suggested, focusing upon the implications of the establishment of a subscription-based patrol and restitution...

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Private Police: A Note

The Journal of Libertarian Studies
There are those to whom the question of whether to privatize the nation’s police forces is mere academic whimsy—a question of consequence only to the eggheads and cranks of the Academy, not to those who so solidly inhabit the “real world.” Most of these believe the...

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