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Michael Montgomery teaches economics at the University of Maine, Orono.

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Community Revival in the Wake of Disaster: Lessons in Local Entrepreneurship

The EntrepreneurThe Environment

02/03/2018Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
When a community is hit by a disaster, how can it recover? The economics of mega-disaster poses some interesting questions for entrepreneurs.
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The Case for Privatizing Oceans and Rivers

StrategyPrivate Property

10/10/2017Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Block and Nelson put forth what a consistent free-market water-rights regime should look like.
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Review of Smarter Growth: Market-Based Strategies for Land-Use Planning in the 21st Century, by Randall G. Holcombe and Samuel R. Staley


07/20/2005Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
The push for "smart-growth" development policies typically is accompanied by half-baked assertions, arguments from intimidation, and strategic creativity in interpreting events. Which makes it a standard modern cry for bigger government.


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