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The Importance of Christian Thought for the American Libertarian Movement: Christian Libertarianism, 1950-71

05/20/2010Libertarian Papers
Abstract: Murray N. Rothbard argued that there are many philosophic and non-philosophic arguments that provide a satisfactory basis for individual liberty. Rarely, however, did he discuss the claims of Christianity to be a suitable foundation for individual freedom. By looking at the Christian...


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How Anticommonism "Cemented" the American Conservative Movement in a Liberal Age of Conformity, 1945–64

02/11/2010Libertarian Papers
Abstract: With the publication in 1976 of George H. Nash’s The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945 , interest in post-WWII opposition to the dominant liberal consensus of the time has steadily grown. Most commentators on the subject, in the attempt to construct a coherent...


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