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Karen DeCoster, CPA, has an MA in economics and works in the healthcare industry. She has written for an assortment of publications and organizations, including LewRockwell.comMackinac Center for Public PolicyTaki's MagazineEuro Pacific Capital, and the Claire Boothe Luce Policy Institute. Her website is

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How Non-Profits Enhance Freedom and Markets

Free MarketsEntrepreneurship

08/28/2014Mises Daily Articles
The nonprofit form of enterprise is indispensable to both recipient individuals and the benefactors who fund them.

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Pork: The Government's Other White Meat

Free MarketsInterventionismPolitical Theory

01/08/2013Mises Daily Articles
The story of pork’s decline involves the usual suspects: special interest lobbying arms and the federal government’s 30+ years of war on dietary fat...

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The Freedom to Buy and Sell Raw Milk

Big GovernmentFree MarketsInterventionism

10/14/2011Mises Daily Articles
The folks who wish to banish raw milk can't leave the issue alone.

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Obama to Government Motors: "Let's Roll"

Big GovernmentCorporate WelfareThe FedOther Schools of Thought

05/22/2009Mises Daily Articles
Freedom, choice, and capitalism will pay a dear price because a group of government bureaucrats, on the receiving end of political favors, will run a major sector of the US economy and foist a prescribed lifestyle upon American consumers.

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Uncivil War: Detroit Blames the South

Big GovernmentThe FedFree MarketsInterventionism

12/30/2008Mises Daily Articles
As always, the little guys are told to give up their way of life to preserve the high-paying jobs of corporate and union executives — along with the jobs of people who make cars no one wants to buy...

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