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Anderson, Hazlitt, and the Quantity Theory of Money

History of the Austrian School of EconomicsMonetary Theory

05/22/2018The Journal of Libertarian Studies
It was Benjamin Anderson who injected in Hazlitt a radical distaste of inflationary policies and paper money.


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Libertarianism, Conservatism, and All That

11/16/2004Mises Daily Articles
Mises has long been identified with the political Right and American conservatism, writes Jude Blanchette. Mises, however, regarded himself as a liberal in the classical sense, and even used the world libertarian to describe his views.
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The Trouble With the EU

Political Theory

06/16/2004Mises Daily Articles
The reality of this supra-state is far from its putative promise, writes Jude Blanchette.
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Fewer Workers, More Production

Free MarketsInterventionismPraxeologyProduction Theory

04/17/2004Mises Daily Articles
The trend over the past fifty years has been for a gradual reduction in the number employed in manufacturing, says Jude Blanchette, but both output and productivity have increased.
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The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Anti-Market Ideology

BiographiesPolitical Theory

03/01/2004Mises Daily Articles
The battle for liberty is in the end a battle over ideas, writes Jude Blanchette. If the last testament of one of the last great socialists of our time is any indication, the struggle for freedom and capitalism is indeed a hopeful one. And yet, while the world can live without the ideas of Pierre...
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