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Iván Carrino is director of Iván Carrino y Asociados and Deputy Director of the Master's Degree in Economics and Political Science of ESEADE in Buenos Aires.

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Budget Deficits, not "Neoliberalism," Are To Blame for Argentina’s Crisis


Socialists contend that Argentina's economic woes were caused by too much "neoliberalism." Yet not even Argentina's alleged neoliberal president Macri did anything to implement any significant reforms in the direction of free markets.

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Chilean Protesters Claim Inequality Made Them Do It

Global Economy


It's hard to see how burning subway cars and torching businesses will reduce inequality in Chile. But the protestors there claim their violence is justified by the fact some people are richer than others.

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Thousands Flee as Venezuela Implodes

Global EconomyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


The collapse of the Venezuelan experiment in "21st century socialism" can be seen in the rising tide of emigrants out of the country.

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Are Government Regulators More Virtuous than Everyone Else?

PricesSubjectivismValue and Exchange

01/29/2016Mises Wire
Economists Robert Shiller and George Akerlof would have us believe that the market sells us things we don’t really want. That’s not true, but even if it were, the proposed solution — government — is even less likely to give us what we want.
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Middle-of-the-Road Policy: Lessons from Argentina and Venezuela

Global EconomyWorld HistoryInterventionism

11/15/2014Mises Media
Ludwig von Mises held that middle-of-the-road policy in economic interventionism eventually leads to widespread socialism. With price controls, protectionism, and rampant inflation, Venezuela and Argentina have proven him right, writes Iván Carrino. This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Dianna...
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