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Gregory Bresiger ( is an independent business journalist who lives in Kew Gardens, Queens, New York. He is the author of MoneySense, a forthcoming book of basic of money management with a libertarian point of view.

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The Real Problem with Weiner

InterventionismPolitical Theory

06/23/2011Mises Daily Articles
How different is he from the political class of men and women, Republican and Democrat, who rule us today? Not very. They believe in the perpetual campaign and, by implication, a perpetually bigger government. Leviathan is enabled and expanded by people like this.
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Subway Hijinks

Big GovernmentFree MarketsInterventionismMonopoly and Competition

02/11/2009Mises Daily Articles
Finally, let us remember that there is a word that can never be discussed or even mentioned when we talk about the myriad flawed federal, state, and city transportation systems.That word is "privatization."
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The Non-Issue that Should Be an Issue

Fiscal TheoryPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

07/03/2008Mises Media
Republicans used to talk about reducing the welfare state. I remember when candidate Ronald Reagan in 1980 promised to end the Energy and Education departments. Some Republicans, who themselves have caught the entitlement-spending/social-engineering bug, now propose the creation of a federal...
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The Non-Issue that Should Be an Issue

Booms and BustsThe FedInterventionism

07/03/2008Mises Daily Articles
The early 1920 was the last time laissez-faire ideas were used to help the nation recover from a depression.
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Clogging Capital Markets

06/09/2006Mises Daily Articles
Gregory Bresiger says that Regulation National Market System's June 29th trade-through rule mandate had become a dead letter. But the regulatory state — massive, expensive, and Byzantine — survives.
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