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Ferghane Azihari is a law student in Paris at Université Paris–Est Créteil. He is currently an intern at the École de la Liberté (School of Liberty), a French digital platform which promotes libertarianism through various multimedia supports (MOOCs, e-books, videos, audio, etc.) He is the local coordinator for European Students for Liberty and president of the Parisian group.

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Materialism Fails to Explain the West's Conflict with Islam

World History


Different people often react quite differently to the same conditions, so attempts to blame religious conflict on material deprivation fail. Ideological differences also better explain why Islam is not monolithic. 

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Hunter-Gatherers Ravaged the Environment. Industrialization Saved It.

The EnvironmentMedia and CultureWorld History


Hunter-gatherer societies stripped the local environment of resources and then moved on to another place. There was nothing environmentally responsible about this sort of economy, in spite of modern efforts to portray prehistoric humans as tree huggers.

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What an Independent Britain Could Learn from Singapore

Decentralization and SecessionFree MarketsWorld History


Singapore left both the British Empire and Malaysia before finally becoming an independent city. It then proceeded to become one of history's most impressive economic success stories.

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The Green Movement's Anti-Humanism

The Environment


Having failed to show that capitalism impoverishes people, socialists have invented a new victim of material prosperity: the environment. But this latest turn is the most disturbing of all in its knee-jerk hatred for human beings and human life.

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In Africa, Poverty Grows Because of the Elites' Anti-Capitalism

Global Economy


Both ideological anti-capitalism and economic factors contribute to the way Africa lags the rest of the world in the conquest of poverty.

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