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Donavan Lingerfelt

Donavan Lingerfelt graduated from Georgia College & State University in 2022 with a bachelors in economics and now is pursuing a masters degree in economics from George Mason University. He enjoys writing about economics and various other topics from a libertarian perspective on his Substack, Econ Ecstasy. His economic research interests include public choice, Austrian economics, and foreign policy. 

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The Boston Brahmins, WASPs, and Nazis: The Pursuit of Eugenics

Media and CultureProgressivismU.S. HistoryWorld History


Modern progressives don't like to refer to their long-held support of eugenics. In fact, American progressives influenced the Nazis, who launched their own murderous eugenics schemes.

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The Drug War: An Irrational Crusade

LawThe Police State


The drug war of the last half century has incarcerated millions and created havoc. What it hasn't done is eliminate people using drugs without government permission.

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