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Dave Benner speaks and writes on topics related to the United States Constitution, founding principles, and the early republic. Dave is also the author of Compact of the Republic: The League of States and the Constitution and The 14th Amendment and the Incorporation Doctrine. He writes articles for The Tenth Amendment Center and the Abbeville Institute. He also produces a historical content at and Youtube.


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Review: Chaining Down Leviathan: The American Dream of Self-Government, 1776–1865


Bassani's book reveals that the drive for decentralized government was far from being a reactionary, postratification political strategy. It was the very cornerstone of the American political system.

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Political Centralization Ended the Roman Republic

Decentralization and SecessionWorld History


In order to destroy the Republic in favor of empire, the new Roman dictators systematically dismantled the Republic's system of local autonomy and self-rule.

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What Did the Founders Mean by "Invasion"?

U.S. History


The US Constitution doesn't mention immigration regulation as a federal power. So some have tried to redefine immigration as "invasion." It's an unconvincing claim.

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When the Feds Like Secession: The Case of West Virginia


West Virginia's secession from Virginia helped Lincoln's government in Washington. So, in that case, secession was apparently A-OK.

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The Louisiana Purchase: Jefferson's Constitutional Crisis that Risked Dissolving the Union

Legal SystemU.S. History


Was Thomas Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase an early example of presidential malfeasance?

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