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Dan Mahoney, Ph.D., specializes in mathematics and works for Mirant-Americas. 

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Ownership, Scarcity, and Economic Decision Making

Calculation and Knowledge

03/12/2019Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
By improving our understanding of scarcity, we can greatly improve our understanding of economics overall.
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Free Banking and the Structure of Production: A Contrast of Competing Banking Systems

05/24/2011Libertarian Papers
Abstract: In this paper we extend an argument originally developed in Hülsmann (2009) to analyze changes to the structure of production that occur when the demand for money changes. In particular, we show that Hülsmann’s argument, which contrasted such changes under commodity and fiat systems,...


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On Austrian Value Theory and Economic Calculation

Calculation and KnowledgeEntrepreneurshipOther Schools of ThoughtValue and Exchange

05/23/2005Articles of Interest
Mahoney argues that although Mises correctly conceived of value as an ordinal relation, precluding the possibility of value imputation, in many of his expositions of the market process he adopts a notion of value as a cardinal thing in explaining the task confronting actors in either the planned or...
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Proof That Socialism Cannot Work

Calculation and KnowledgeOther Schools of ThoughtProduction Theory

06/28/2001Mises Daily Articles
In 1920, Ludwig von Mises gave the first full explanation why collective ownership of the factors of production leads to economic chaos. Dan Mahoney restates Mises's position.
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Austrian Business Cycle Theory: A Brief Explanation

Booms and BustsBusiness Cycles

05/07/2001Mises Daily Articles
The media’s favorite phony solution to the economic downturn is for the Fed to drop interest rates lower and lower until the economy registers an upturn. What is wrong with this approach?
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