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Connor K. Kianpour ( is a student in the Department of Philosophy at Georgia State University. The author would like to thank Dr. Robert S. Taylor in the Department of Political Science at the University of California, Davis for help in making this paper what it is; he is indebted to his generosity, open-mindedness, and endless encouragement (it is not often that a student is encouraged to pursue his interest in libertarianism). The author is also grateful to have had very helpful comments on an earlier draft of this paper from two anonymous referees who sincerely appreciated this approach to the immigration problem.

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Breaking Boundaries: An Investigation of Libertarian Open Borders

Legal SystemPolitical Theory

12/20/2019The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Libertarian arguments for open borders differ from liberal arguments for open borders, which illuminate how disparate these philosophical traditions are, especially in the manner that they conceive of rights.
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