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Benjamin Powell is the director of the Free Market Institute and a professor of economics in the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business Administration at Texas Tech University.

Professor Powell is the North American Editor of the Review of Austrian Economics, past president of the Association of Private Enterprise Education, and a senior fellow with the Independent Institute. He earned his B.S. in economics and finance from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University. Prior to joining Texas Tech University, he taught economics at Suffolk University and San Jose State University.

Powell is the author of Out of Poverty: Sweatshops in the Global Economy (Cambridge University Press, 2014), editor of The Economics of Immigration: Market-Based Approaches, Social Science, and Public Policy (Oxford University Press, 2015), Making Poor Nations Rich: Entrepreneurship and the Process of Development (Stanford University Press, 2008) and co-editor (with Randall G. Holcombe) of Housing America: Building Out of a Crisis (Transaction Publishers, 2009). He is the author of more than 50 scholarly articles and policy studies. His primary fields of research are economic development, Austrian economics, and public choice. Prof. Powell's research findings have been reported in more than 100 popular press outlets, including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. He also writes frequently for the popular press. His popular writing has appeared in Investor's Business Daily, The Financial Times (London), the Christian Science Monitor, and many regional outlets. He has appeared on numerous radio and television outlets, including CNN, MSNBC, Showtime, CNBC, and he has been a regular guest on FOX Business Network's shows Stossel and Freedom Watch.

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The Misesian Sights: An Austrian Visits Vienna

History of the Austrian School of Economics

08/25/2006Mises Daily Articles
Ben Powell was in Vienna on a combined "work" and play trip, but his inner nerd broke out and he toured the Misesian sights in Vienna.
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Monopoly: Parker Brothers Gets It Wrong

Media and CultureMonopoly and Competition

06/01/2004The Free Market
In the game Monopoly, owners of land and houses and hotels, through acquiring their possessions by luck, are flattered into believing they are masters of the universe, extracting profits from anyone who passes their way. There is no consumer choice and no consumer sovereignty. This is not a small...
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What's Wrong with Monopoly (the game)?

Media and CultureCalculation and KnowledgeInterventionism

02/13/2004Mises Daily Articles
You have surely played the Parker Brother's board game Monopoly . It has been published in 26 languages and in 80 countries around the world.
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Rothbard Battles the Mainstream

09/25/2003Mises Daily Articles
In order to publish in mainstream academic journals, must Austrians "water down" or soft pedal our ideas so that they will not seem "too radical"? Murray Rothbard, thankfully, never followed that strategy, but it still did not preclude him from publishing in a number of highly ranked journals. In...
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Explaining Japan's Recession

Booms and BustsU.S. EconomyBusiness CyclesMonetary TheoryOther Schools of Thought

11/19/2002Mises Daily Articles
Japan has experienced an Austrian business cycle, writes Benjamin Powell. For Japan's economy to recover the government must stop intervening in the economy and allow the market process to realign the structure of production to match consumer preferences.
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