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Antony P. Mueller is a German professor of economics who currently teaches in Brazil. See his website or send e-mail to:

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The Ghost That Haunts Brazil

The EntrepreneurInterventionismPolitical Theory

08/05/2002Mises Daily Articles
Brazil, which is so blessed by nature and by an entrepreneurial population with one of the highest rates of self-employment in the world, has been kept down by a misleading ideology. Antony Mueller explains the political effects of embracing Auguste Comte, an embrace which no financial bailout can...
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A Tradition of Defaults

Money and BanksMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking

07/17/2002Mises Daily Articles
Argentina and now Brazil are the latest chapters in Latin America's long financial history of foreign debt and default, writes Antony Mueller. It is a consequence of bad policy, underwritten by international financial institutions and subsidized from a pervasive culture of debt.
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Will Savings Save Us?

Financial MarketsMoney and BanksCapital and Interest TheoryMoney and Banking

06/17/2002Mises Daily Articles
Popular thinking about economic growth is still strongly influenced by the productivity theory of capital, which presumes that capital engenders a yield like the fruits from a tree, writes Antony P. Mueller. If it were merely aggregate investment that mattered, economic development and continuous...
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Cuba's Post-Soviet Socialism

Global EconomyPolitical Theory

05/13/2002Mises Daily Articles
Despite the global changes since the breakdown of the Soviet Union, Cuba’s leadership continues to bank on a centrally planned economy as a viable way into the future and to maintain that it is not the inefficiency of the socialist system but primarily the U.S.-American blockade that is the prime...
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No Tears for Argentina

Big GovernmentBooms and BustsCorporate WelfareFinancial MarketsInterventionismMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking

01/09/2002Mises Daily Articles
In its original meaning, "crisis" signifies a turning point that can either lead to improvement and recovery or to more severe deterioration. In the case of Argentina, with the future of the Argentinean people in mind, one must hope for the abandonment of its interventionist economic system, with...
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