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Akash Kumar is a senior year Development Studies major at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. He also leads academic programs for the South Asia Students for Liberty. He is deeply passionate about contextualizing the liberty movement to suit the realities of South Asia and has a career interest in entrepreneurship and public policy.

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Testing Deregulation Can Help Fight COVID-19

Decentralization and SecessionHealth

The fight against COVID-19 would benefit from a comprehensive deregulation of the market for testing. A brief look at India shows the damaging roadblocks to solutions that regulations impose.

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Testing Deregulation Can Help Fight COVID-19

Bureaucracy and RegulationFinancial MarketsHealth

Many argue that unregulated markets would fail due to lack of consumer knowledge, or information asymmetry. But competition in free markets actually gives rise to all kinds of mechanisms that help consumers make informed decisions. This is as true of medical tests for any other good.
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