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Literature and Economic Liberty (Cantor/Cox)

cantor literature and the economics of liberty

Now that we have our warehouse move complete, we can finally announce that appearance of a book I’ve been wildly excited for ever since the project began. It is Literature and Economic Liberty: Spontaneous Order in Culture, edited by Paul Cantor and Stephen Cox.

It really does blast open a completely new research paradigm for the Austrian School. The editors have brought Austrian insights to bear on a wide range of literature to not only offer a new style of criticism but also to put forward a new theory of criticism. In particular, it shows writers using insights from the workings of the market to develop character and plot – and further proves that you have to know something about economics in order to fully grasp what many great writers were trying to say.

The book is absolutely beautiful, and instead of carrying a price tag in the hundreds of dollars, as such books would if published by conventional academic presses, this hardback is only $20. It is a joy to read, with new insights on every page. It is the first of a kind, but, if all goes well, and this book has some influence, there could be many other collections along these lines appearing in the future.

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