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A New History of Leviathan

A New History of Leviathan

Tags Big GovernmentCorporate WelfareWar and Foreign PolicyInterventionismPolitical Theory

08/17/1972Murray N. RothbardRonald Radosh

The essays in this book reveal how and in what manner the corporate state developed in twentieth-century America. They show how a sophisticated group of large corporate reformers managed to replace a freely competitive economy and make a new governing class, through the use of reform mechanisms to mold the government into a mighty instrument of monopolization and cartelization.

From Theodore Roosevelt to Woodrow Wilson to Franklin D. Roosevelt to their corporate backers, down to the intellectuals who forged theoretical apologia for the new corporatism, these essays show how these sophisticated corporatist reformers sought to stifle the fierce winds of competition and to achieve what James Weinstein has called the "stabilization, rationalization and continued expansion" of the new political economy.


Murray N. Rothbard

Murray N. Rothbard made major contributions to economics, history, political philosophy, and legal theory. He combined Austrian economics with a fervent commitment to individual liberty.

Ronald Radosh

Ronald Radosh is assistant professor of history at Queensborough Community College of the City University of New York.