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The Freeman May 1955

07/14/2009Frank Chodorov

Frank Chodorov The Freeman May 1955


Frank Chodorov

Frank Chodorov was an advocate of the free market, individualism, and peace. He began as a supporter of Henry George and edited the Georgist paper the Freeman before founding his own journal, which became the influential Human Events. He later founded another version of the Freeman for the Foundation for Economic Education and lectured at the Freedom School in Colorado.


Guaranteeing Your Income - F. A. Harper; Capitalism for the Many - Edward Maher; Death and Taxes-Except for Coops - Leonard E. Read; A Strange Alliance - Edmund A. Opitz; The Experiment-"Noble in Purpose" - John T. Flynn; Sources of Tax Reduction - Harley L. Lutz; Even Lincoln Said It - Mallory Cross Johnson; What Would You Call Mr. Hoiles? - Thaddeus Ashby

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