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Economic Point of View: An Essay in the History of Economic Thought

  • The Economic Point of View by Israel Kirzner

Tags World HistoryOther Schools of Thought

06/15/1960Israel M. Kirzner

Israel Kirzner is an outstanding student of Mises's, and here is his sweeping defense of the Misesian definition of the scope and meaning of economic science. He compares the Misesian view of human action with the neoclassical and classical school, and contrasts their views on rationality, human choice, scarcity, and scientific method.

The book came out in 1960, before Rothbard's treatise and before the growth of the Austrian movement. It therefore exercised an important influence on the rising generation. Its contribution is to place the Misesian perspective within the context of the history of thought, demonstrating its unique contribution.

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Kansas City: Sheed and Ward, 1976. First published: 1960.

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