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The Value of Taking Risks

Media and CulturePhilosophy

07/10/2021The Austrian
Wittgenstein one said, “If people did not sometimes do silly things … nothing intelligent would ever get done.” This notion is important in understanding the benefits and realities of entrepreneurship and risk taking.
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The State of Modern Economics


05/06/2021The Austrian
In the last ten to twenty years, there’s been a real shift in mainstream economics—both micro and macro—away from theory and toward what you might call atheoretical inductive empirical work. This is not for the better.
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The Sterility of Intellectual Standardization


05/05/2021The Austrian
Devine responds to the critics who claim that capitalism is increasingly under attack because it promotes a collapse of moral values. Devine is fully capable of handling these accusations and has written a book worth reading.
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The Path to Victory


11/30/2020The Austrian
We cannot retreat or give in to quietism; we cannot seek favor via compromise with the academic establishment or mainstream media outlets; and we cannot hitch our wagon to politicians or campaigns. Our virtue lies in speaking the truth.
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The Left Gets Capitalism Wrong. Yet Again

Political Theory

06/03/2020The Austrian
The book’s main thesis can be summarized as: The choice the world faces is between two varieties of capitalism, liberal meritocratic and political. America is the foremost example of the first of these, and China of the second.
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The Left's Plan to Make Cities More Powerful


01/28/2020The Austrian
Why both urban and rural regions should be self-governing: "As long as people with strong preferences are clustered conveniently into different jurisdictions, decentralization can, at least in theory, increase the number of people who are satisfied with government policy."
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The Failure of Global Liberal Hegemony

Book ReviewsWar and Foreign Policy

08/05/2019The Austrian
Despite the manifest failure of the liberal hegemony program, its neoconservative advocates have retained their influence. They are rarely called to account for their mistakes, but continue to be treated as if they are experts.
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The Libertarian Face of New Media

BiographiesMedia and Culture

11/03/2018The Austrian
An interview with Tom Woods about free-market podcasting and writing all those bestsellers.
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The Problem with Idolizing "Efficiency"

Free MarketsProtectionism and Free Trade

08/15/2018The Austrian
When economists idolize "efficiency" while ignoring property rights, they can justify pretty much anything.
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Today's Leading Mises Scholar on the Man and His Legacy

BiographiesHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

08/14/2018The Austrian
"He used Menger’s edifice as a framework, and then he solidified its foundations and proceeded to build an entire basilica on top of it. It was an enormous achievement."
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