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The Power of Austrian Causal-Realist Analysis

Austrian Economics Overview

11/28/2023The Austrian
The Economics of Prosperity marvelously shows how the main concepts of Austrian economics are connected, and readers of the book will get a good sense of the power of Austrian causal-realist analysis.
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The New Socialism Is a Public-Private Partnership


08/29/2023The Austrian
For the past seventy years, the major US foundations have been the main drivers of socialism, even more so than the state bureaucracies.
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The Road to a Single Fiat World Currency

Cronyism and CorporatismSocialismStrategy

07/10/2023The Austrian
Understanding and practicing economics is the key to destroying the foundations of democratic socialism. This can only be achieved by insight into better ideas, and by reason. The Global Currency Plot is meant as a contribution to help the better ideas prevail.
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The Price of Time

Capital and Interest Theory

01/31/2023The Austrian
Jeff and Edward Chancellor discuss The Price of Time and delve into the all-important topic of market-set interest rates as an important indicator of a healthy society, and why manipulating them is so harmful. The current system isn't working, so what can be done?
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The Income Tax Is the Root of Much Evil

Taxes and Spending

01/31/2023The Austrian
Laffer and Domitrovic present a comprehensive history of income tax rates and their effects on the economy from World War I to the present, and they cover not only federal taxes but also taxation at the state and local levels.
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The End of Monetary Hedonism

The FedMoney and Banks

01/31/2023The Austrian
Does cheap money and credit make us richer? Does more money and credit create more stuff, or better stuff? Do they make us happier and more productive? Or do these twin forces actually distort the economy, misallocate resources, and degrade us as people? These are the fundamental questions that...
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The Free Market Medical Revolution

The EntrepreneurHealth

07/21/2022The Austrian
Big medicine is in big trouble. The system is dysfunctional. There are alternatives out there that are free market, and people are becoming aware that they exist and that they work.
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The Befuddling World of the Antieconomist

Book ReviewsSocialism

12/02/2021The Austrian
One of the darlings of the left's intellectual brotherhood gives us a look into the state of intellectual affairs therein. Piketty expounds "there is no universal law of economics: There is only a multiplicity of historical experiences and imperfect data.” Piketty is what Mises calls an "...
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The Sovietization of America


11/03/2021The Austrian
Maltsev says, a goal of the Marxists is the secularization of America, which is a necessary step toward establishing a communist state—the perfected state of mankind.
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The Battle over the Free Market

Free MarketsSocialism

11/02/2021The Austrian
Wapshott has made a career of writing about the clash between economists who favor the free market and those who support a "mixed economy." But he shows his heart by saying that in emergencies, government must supplant the market.
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