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Lost Continetti

Media and CultureOld RightU.S. History

07/22/2022The Austrian
Continetti has a distinctive vision of what is American conservatism. He views the political and economic ideas of Murray Rothbard and Ron Paul as inimical to the ideas he favors; to him, we are the enemy. We ought to have a look at his book, if only to see what he says about us.
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Liberalism and Illiberalism in the Twenty-First Century

LibertarianismLiberalismMedia and Culture

05/11/2022The Austrian
The dichotomies of the twentieth century and the turning of the tide toward illiberalness highlight not only a difference in the thinking within the liberty community, but Americans and people in general. We are left with the consequences of this thinking and the beast it created.
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Let Slip the Dogs of Secession

U.S. HistoryPolitical Theory

11/30/2020The Austrian
Secession and division are hot topics today. With red and blue states deeply at odds, subsidiarity may replace ideology as the great political issue of the twenty-first century in America.
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Literature, Culture, and Economics

BiographiesEducationMedia and Culture

07/30/2019The Austrian
Teaching literature has changed now that the humanities have become a species of what is known as grievance studies, concerned with whether a given author is sexist or racist or classist. This is a cultural shift in education, and not for the better.
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