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From the Publisher September–October 2022

The EnvironmentMedia and Culture

09/28/2022The Austrian
Who frames the "climate" debate or any political debate? The Left frames the debate with phony issues. Fossil Future is a brilliant attempt to reframe the climate change and global warming narrative. This is a must-read book relevant to our civilization and way of life.
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Political Freedom vs. Personal Freedom

Economic FreedomMedia and CultureStrategy

07/26/2022The Austrian
Jeff Deist and Stephan Livera look at money in an era of crazed monetary policy. They tackle how Austrian economics relates to cryptos, why gold still matters, how deflation and "hoarding" are healthy for an economy, and how any challenge to the central bank cartel could create a political upheaval.
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Lost Continetti

Media and CultureOld RightU.S. History

07/22/2022The Austrian
Continetti has a distinctive vision of what is American conservatism. He views the political and economic ideas of Murray Rothbard and Ron Paul as inimical to the ideas he favors; to him, we are the enemy. We ought to have a look at his book, if only to see what he says about us.
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The Free Market Medical Revolution

The EntrepreneurHealth

07/21/2022The Austrian
Big medicine is in big trouble. The system is dysfunctional. There are alternatives out there that are free market, and people are becoming aware that they exist and that they work.
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From the Publisher July–August 2022

Economic FreedomHealthMedia and Culture

07/21/2022The Austrian
Even amidst plenty of bad news, quiet revolutions happen all around us. My interview with Dr. G. Keith Smith, founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, gives us a look inside this medical revolution and will leave you optimistic for the future.
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What Is Wrong with the Fed's Inflationist Policy?

The FedInflation

06/08/2022The Austrian
Leonard offers a penetrating criticism of the Fed’s vast expansion of the money supply, but it falls short of a sound way to keep it in check.
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From the Publisher May–June 2022

InflationLiberalismMedia and Culture

05/27/2022The Austrian
Bob Murphy talks inflation and why suddenly everyone is an expert, and then why Jim Rogers says buy a motorcycle and see the world: It's a great way to get an education. Jeff and Peyton Gouzien discuss big questions like liberalism and illiberalism in the twentieth century and David Gordon reviews...
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Liberalism and Illiberalism in the Twenty-First Century

LibertarianismLiberalismMedia and Culture

05/11/2022The Austrian
The dichotomies of the twentieth century and the turning of the tide toward illiberalness highlight not only a difference in the thinking within the liberty community, but Americans and people in general. We are left with the consequences of this thinking and the beast it created.
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A Conversation with Famed Investor Jim Rogers

Financial MarketsMedia and CultureAustrian Economics Overview

05/11/2022The Austrian
Life lesson: Figure out what you love and do it and learn another language and get yourself a motorcycle and drive around the world.
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Inflation: How Economists, Politicians, and Central Bankers Got It Wrong

InflationMonetary Policy

05/10/2022The Austrian
It is interesting that the founder and leader of the market monetarists declared in January 2020 that the world was about to enter a "golden age" of low inflation for the Federal Reserve.
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