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The Black Revolution

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Bewildered white Liberals are wont to ask: "What do you people want?" Some newsmen recently asked virtually this same question of H. Rap Brown, fiery young leader of SNCC and the Black Power movement. Rap replied: "I want Lyndon Johnson to resign and go to Vietnam and fight — he and his family." Particularly interesting were the varied reactions to this statement; the reporter adds that: "Negro onlookers cheered as he brushed aside newsmen's requests that he be 'more specific.'" Indeed: how specific can one get? Why didn't "Whitey" get the message?

Volume 3, Number 3 (Spring-Autumn 1967)


Rothbard, Murray N. "The Black Revolution." Left and Right 3, No. 3 (Spring-Autumn 1967): 7-17.

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