Journal of Libertarian Studies

The Epoch of National Socialism

The Journal of Libertarian Studies

In two by-elections in the spring of 1996, the Front National (FN), the party of the radical right in France, helped several candidates of the left gain victory. In Sète, a southern seaport, a communist therefore was able to become mayor. It was in this manner that the leader of the FN, Jean-Marie Le Pen, responded to the rejection of his coalition offers by the Gaullists and the Liberals. At the same time, Le Pen tried to prove his slogan “neither right nor left, but French.” His calculation appeared to work.

Volume 12, Number 2 (1996)


Weissmann, Karlheinz. "The Epoch of National Socialism." Journal of Libertarian Studies 12, No. 2 (1996): 257–293.

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