Mises Scholars

Every summer Rothbard Village becomes home for visiting scholars working on contemporary Austrian research. This year’s group includes a roster full of PhD students. Their time in the Mises libraries provides invaluable assistance as they develop their dissertations and other papers for publication. Many of our Research Fellows go on to become Mises University faculty and leaders within the Austrian tradition.

Research Fellow 2022 Class:

Marcel Gautreau, George Mason University
Manuel García Gojon, George Mason University
Artur Marion Ceolin, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Misty Peñuelas, University of Oklahoma
Ugo Stornaiolo, Universidad Internacional SEK – Ecuador
Krzysztof Turowski, University of Gdansk
Gor Mkrtchian, Texas Tech University
Anthony Cesario, Loyola University

New Mises Fellow:
     Jakub Bozydar Wisniewski
     Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Administration, and Economics, University of Wroclaw

Rothbard Graduate Seminar

This June, the Mises Institute hosted nineteen students at our annual Rothbard Graduate Seminar in Auburn, Alabama. This year's topic was the Austrian critique of progressive economic interventionism. Structured as a great book seminar, this year focused on Murray Rothbard's Power and Market: Government and Economy, along with excerpts from America's Great Depression and Economic Controversies. The RGS faculty included Joseph Salerno, Mark Thornton, David Gordon, Jeff Herbener, Peter Klein, and Patrick Newman.

This year's RGS cohort included rising scholars from a variety of fields, including economics, history, law, and business. Six are enrolled in the Mises Graduate Program. Students came not only from around the US, but also from Asia, Europe, and South America.

2022 Rothbard Graduate Seminar Class:

Brandan Buck, George Mason University
Jeffery Degner, University of Angers
Will Denyer, Mises Institute Graduate Program
Elias Economou, Mises Institute Graduate Program
Jared Friesen, Queen’s University
Jason Jewell, Mises Institute Graduate Program
Jay Kronzer, Mises Institute Graduate Program
Connor Mortell, Florida State University
Nathan Shantz, Mises Institute Graduate Program
Gianfranco Terrazzano, Mises Institute Graduate Program
Michael Wroblewski, George Mason University

Special thanks to Alice J. Lillie for making this event possible.

Austrian Economics Meeting Europe

Founded by European Mises U alumni in 2015, Austrian Economics Meeting Europe is a premier scholars conference for Austrian talent on the Continent. Held in Vilnius, Lithuania for the first time since 2019, the conference featured two-days’ worth of paper presentations as well as keynote lectures by Guido Hülsmann and Aliaksandr Kavaliou. Unfortunately since Dr. Kavaliou teaches in Belarus, the event faced cancellation from the Lithuanian university originally set to host the event.

The Mises Institute was proud to support Austrian European scholars pursuing intellectual freedom during these difficult times. Thank you to Dr. Karl-Friedrich Israel for writing this nice article thanking and explaining the difficulties the conference faced.

Other scholar news:

Patrick Newman offered his services as historical consultant for the new Tuttle Twins American history book. America’s History: A Tuttle Twins Series of Stories is a 240-page storybook that presents inspiring stories and powerful ideas from our nation’s past, to help empower your children to live their best lives today. It is inspired by Murray Rothbard’s Conceived in Liberty series.


On May 24, the Mises Institute returned to Orlando, Florida, to celebrate this year's release of Bob Murphy's Understanding Money Mechanics. As inflation has become the number one issue in America, it is more important than ever before to understand how the state's control of money and banking infects so much of our society. As Bob illustrated during his keynote address, the financial pain Americans are feeling today isn't the consequence of Vladimir Putin or covid. It is the direct result of reckless policies, promoted by central bankers, over the course of several presidencies—problem beyond politics, and one that requires changing the way our society fundamentally views money.

The event also featured a panel on the absolute state of money, featuring Mises associated scholars, Patrick Newman, Demelza Hays, and Peter St. Onge, which considered pressing monetary questions from the lenses of history, policy, and technological innovation.

Economics for Business

Along with continuing to build the E4B network of entrepreneurs, Economics for Business published two e-books this quarter:

Raushan Gross, Emerging Institutions of Entrepreneurship
Gayle Brekke, Paying for Primary Health Care

Publishing and Bookstore

Economics in One Lesson Giveaway

The Mises Institute warehouse successfully shipped 100,000 copies of Henry Hazlitt’s classic Economics in One Lesson. This book drive was made possible by generous donors who recognized the importance of empowering a new generation to think like an economist.

New Book

Defending Liberty: Essays in Honor of David Gordon is a festschrift dedicated to the intellectual career of David Gordon, edited by Douglas B. Rasmussen and Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski.


To commemorate the Mises Institute’s auspicious founding in 1982—40 years ago this October—we have created an anniversary silver round. It honors the intellectual courage of the Institute’s founding minds and their Austrian school progenitors. It celebrates the Institute’s survival over 40 years, with the protection and nourishment of its committed donors.

Mises Media

What Has Government Done to Our Money?

All nine episodes of our What Has Government Done to Our Money? video series are now available. Inspired by the success of Economics for Beginners, this animated series—inspired by Rothbard’s classic book—looks at the history of money and the consequences of the state's control of money.

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