Faculty, Associated Scholars, and More:

  • Jacob Huebert , an Associated Scholar and Mises University alum was the victorious attorney in the Supreme Court’s recently-decided Janus vs. AFSCME case. Thanks to the great work of Mr. Huebert, his co-counsel, and the brave Mr. Janus, public sector unions no longer will be able to force non-members to pay union dues for the “benefits” provided by union lobbyists promoting leftwing causes. Mr. Huebert appeared on all the major networks in the days following the decision, and enjoyed an especially favorable profile in The Wall Street Journal. Kudos to him for a great victory against compelled speech, and for being the rare lawyer who understands economics.
  • Peter Klein, Mises Senior Fellow, was named one of 11 Outstanding Professors for 2017–2018 at Baylor University.
  • Martin Stefunko, 2001 Mises Fellow and MU alum, from the Czech Republic, was on the cover of the April issue of Forbes CZ, and the subject of the featured article,  stating he is “one of the most interesting guys of the big Czech business” scene.

Mises Audio:

  • The Mises Reader Unabridged audiobook is now available on two new platforms:  iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-mises-reader-unabridged/id1370650615 Google Play https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/Irwn2q7khor5y4kwsackcep2oca.
    (Many thanks to Tyler Folger for this.)
  • In May we launched the new weekly WHO IS? Podcast. Mises Institute scholars present highlights in the life and work of major contributors to the development of the Austrian school of economics. The trailblazers we have featured thus far are:  Carl Menger, Wilhem Röpke, Murray Rothbard, Jean-Baptist Say, Juan de Mariana, Richard Cantillon, and Frédéric Bastiat.

Mises Weekends:

Mises Weekends this quarter have featured a variety of interesting guests discussing pertinent issues of the day:

Media Recognition:

  • Ryan McMaken appeared on the Ingraham Angle on Fox News. He discussed whether America is really facing an “epidemic” of school shootings.

Mises Institute Hosts Events Around the US:

This quarter we were on the road with more one-of-a-kind, un-PC events in Nashville, San Francisco, and Fort Worth. If you missed any of these events, you can catch up by watching all of the talks.

Fort Worth — Against Cronyism
Still Fed Up? Is a Regime Shift Underway in Central Banking? with Danielle DiMartino Booth
Wall Street and Central Bank Collusion with Nomi Prins
Crony Socialism with Yuri Maltsev
Military Keynesianism with Daniel McAdams
(Special thanks to Klaas and Anastasia Talsma for making this event possible.)

San Francisco — The Future of Money
Will the American Economy Survive in 2018? with Patrick Byrne
Using Blockchain to Fix Money and Capital Markets with Caitlin Long
The Money We Need with Jeff Deist

Nashville — Trump’s Economy: Boom Times or Dangerous Bubble?
Will Fed Rate Hikes Crash the Market? with Bob Murphy
Government Deficits, Central Banking, and the Cost of Being Wrong with Carlos Lara
A Modest Proposal for the US Economy with Jeff Deist
(Special thanks to an Anonymous donor for making this event possible.)

Rothbard Graduate Seminar:

The Rothbard Graduate Seminar provides an intense study of Misesian and Rothbardian economic analysis, along with the substantive conclusions of that research in related fields.

Twenty-seven exceptional graduate students from around the world attended this year’s seminar. Students participated in an intense study of Rothbard’s Man, Economy, and State led by Mises faculty, Joseph Salerno, Guido Hülsmann, Jeff Herbener, David Gordon, Mark Thornton, and Peter Klein. Members of this year’s class included philosophers, legal scholars, historians, and even a linguist studying how changes in language impacts the development of economic concepts. Within the seminar, scholars are allowed the opportunity to utilize their own skills in forming debate and discussion to help enrich the learning experience for all that attend. As Dr. Salerno noted at the start of this year’s seminar, he still manages to find something new every year during this seminar.
(Special thanks to Alice Lillie for making this seminar possible.)

Mises Archives:

  • Patrick Newman, our intrepid Mises Fellow who discovered and compiled Rothbard’s posthumous The Progressive Era, has been busy this summer transcribing Rothbard’s handwritten 5th volume of Conceived in Liberty. This volume addresses the writing of the Constitution. How exciting is this?
  • Mark Thornton, Senior Faculty, found in the Mises Archives, "A Note on the Economics of Slavery" written by Murray Rothbard in the early 1960s. Because it is a "note" on someone else's work, Mark plans to write an article this summer to provide the context in which the note was written.


  • We just signed an agreement with Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press in China for the translation and publication of Rothbard's The Progressive Era into Chinese. Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press also made available in Chinese Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism and Human Action.
  • New translations of What Has Government Done to Our Money? and An Introduction to Economic Reasoning are now available in Danish.
  • Polish Instytut Misesa founded by former Mises Fellow and MU alum, Mateusz Machaj, is celebrating its 15th year. They will mark this event by publishing a Polish translation of Hülsmann's Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism.
  • Chris Calton's Historical Controversies has been the most popular series on mises.org. Applying a Rothbardian appreciation for revisionist history with an engaging rhetorical style, Calton's podcast is as informative as it is entertaining. Historical Controversies is frequently mentioned on the Hardcore History reddit page as one of the best history-themed podcasts available today. Chris is a Mises Fellow and MU alum.
  • A Vietnamese translation of Mark Thornton’s Economics of Prohibition book has been published and a Polish edition will shortly follow.

Visiting Faculty and Mises Fellows:

  • Guido Hülsmann, professor of economics at the University of Angers, France, is in residence this summer as holder of the William H. Peterson and Robert L. Luddy Chair in Austrian Economics. Professor Hülsmann is finishing up a new manuscript on the economics of giving and charity, with a working title of Economics of Free Lunches: An Essay on Gratuitousness.
  • Mark Brandly, professor of economics at Ferris State University is in residence this summer working with the Mises Academy and researching international trade theory in an attempt to explain the Austrian response to current issues within the trade theory.

Mises Academy:

Two new courses are under development in the Mises Academy: Austrian Microeconomics with Peter Klein and Austrian Macroeconomics with Joseph Salerno.


Our archive of Mises Wire articles translated into Spanish and Korean continues to grow. We are reaching a whole new audience of foreign readers.

Top 10 Most Popular Articles from the First Quarter of 2018:

General Mises News:

July 13th is the deadline to purchase a brick paver that will be displayed on a prominent wall in our Hogan Graduation Area on the Mises campus. It is important for students who come to study and partake in our conferences here at the Mises Institute to know whom to thank, and who to emulate as they proceed with their careers.

We’ll have a booth at Freedom Fest, Las Vegas, July 11 – 14. If you plan to attend, be sure and stop and see us!