Faculty, Associated Scholars, and Alumni News:

  • Demelza Hays, former Fellow, was named in Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe.
  • Mark Thornton, Mises Senior Fellow, received the O.P. Alford III Prize for his paper “Incorporating Cantillon: A Face and a Family for the First Modern Economist?” published in the Huntington Library Quarterly. Mark was also invited to speak at Tulane University Law School.
  • Jeff Herbener, Mises Senior Fellow, received the Lawrence W. Fertig Prize in Austrian Economics for his contribution "Time and the Theory of Cost" to the book The Economic Theory of Costs edited by Matthew McCaffrey.
  • Shawn Ritenour, Mises Senior Fellow, will give the 2019 BB&T Lecture at Troy University "Economics and Christianity: Is There a Conflict?"
  • Parth Shah, former Research Fellow, and founder and president of the Centre for Civil Society (New Delhi) is introducing online courses through the Centre. The first will be "Education in India: Ideas, Policies and Alternatives."
  • Mises University 2009 alumnus Matt Summers teaches economics at Golden View Classical Academy, a member of the Hillsdale College Barney Charter School Initiative in Golden, Colorado. He reports that they pride themselves on offering a one-semester course in Austrian economics to their high-school seniors.
  • Timothy Terrell, Associated Scholar and Visiting Fellow, was invited to speak on environmental economics to the graduate students of the Auburn University Department of Crop, Soils, and Environmental Sciences. He also addressed the Law and Economics Society of the University of Alabama School of Law on environmental policy.
  • Per Bylund, Mises Institute Fellow, spoke to The University of The Bahamas on the topic of AI and the Structure of Production
  • Vytautas  Zukauskas, a 2019 Summer Research Fellow, spoke to both the Auburn University Economics Club and the Young Americans for Liberty chapter on the De-socialization of Lithuanian economy.
  • Nick Cooper, a 2019 Research Fellow, won the Grant Aldrich Prize  for the best graduate student paper at the 2019 Austrian Economics Research Conference.
  • Ryan McMaken spoke to the Woodford Foundation for Limited Government, Colorado Technical University on the topic of Private Property: The Key to Peace and Prosperity.
  • Jeff Deist spoke to several student and business groups in Mexico City, including a COPARMEX luncheon in Cuernavaca, Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad Panamericana, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and the Congress of Mexico City. 

  • Tho Bishop spoke to both the Auburn University and University of Georgia’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter on the subject of Rothbardian political strategy.

Mises Audio:

The Institute rebranded Mises Weekends with Jeff Deist into the Human Action Podcast (Mises.org/HCPod). The new show focuses on Austrian theory in-depth — with the best PhDs discussing core books and core topics.

The Institute launched a new podcast “Economics for Entrepreneurs” (Mises.org/EntrePod) hosted by Hunter Hastings. This weekly podcast focuses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners understand practical applications of Austrian economics.

New audiobook produced and added to free platforms: Free Private Cities: Making Governments Compete For You by Titus Gebel.

Top Audio Downloads for First Quarter 2019:

1. Human Action Podcast: Economics is a Mess with Peter Klein  — 24,354 downloads (published 2/13)
2. Human Action Podcast: Mises on Money with Jeff Herbener  — 20,011 (3/4)
3. Mises Weekends: Jeff Deist on Why Socialism Persists — 17,653 (1/18)
4. Historical Controversies: The Battle of the Ironclads, Part 2: Wood versus Iron — 17,465 (1/9)
5. Historical Controversies: The Battle of the Ironclads, Part 3: Inventing the Monitor — 16,734 (1/16)  

Media Recognition:

  • Mark Thornton was interviewed on the Glenn Beck Program about “The Skyscraper Curse.” Mark was also interviewed by Apple Daily, the second largest publication in Hong Kong and east Asia.
  • Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Mises Senior Fellow, was interviewed on the Austrian talk show Hangar 7 on the subject of Brexit and the future of the EU.
  • Jeff Deist was quoted by the Christian Science Monitor about society separating artists from their work.
  • Ryan McMaken was quoted by US News and World Report on student loans and by TribLive on daylight savings time.
  • Tho Bishop was quoted by Sinclair Broadcasting on the recent budget showdown and the Epoch Times on social media toxicity.

Mises Institute International:

Students at Queen Mary University of London have started The Liberty Society on campus to represent libertarian and classical-liberal ideas and increase variety in political discourse. They are very appreciative of the free resources on mises.org in educating their members and hope to send students to our events.

The Mises Institute sponsored a table at the 2019 Latin America LibertyCon in Mexico City, Mexico. Students who visited the booth received Spanish translations of Jesus Huerta De Soto’s "Austrian Economics v. Mainstream Economics" and Jeff Deist’s For A New Libertarian.

Publications and Translations:

In April 2019, Mises.org/es, our Spanish version of Mises.org, accounted for 4.5% of Mises.org's total pageviews. In 2019, Mises.org/es pageviews have increased 692% versus the same period in 2018. Furthermore, Mises.org pageviews by Spanish-speaking geographical locations are also up, compared to 2018, including Mexico (+258%), Spain (+82%), Argentina (+250%), Colombia (+274%), Peru (+8%), Chile (+131%), Guatemala (+189%), Ecuador (+179%), Venezuela (+145%), and Dominican Republic (+278%).

Rothbard A to Z was published as a reference book of excerpts and quotes on all of Rothbard's thoughts on economics, philosophy, epistemology, ethics, history, law, and libertarianism.

Xiong Tyler Yue, our intrepid Chinese student and translator of many Austrian titles translated Tom DiLorenzo's Organized Crime into Chinese. Although he was not able to get it passed the censors, it is now available on mises.org: https://mises.org/library/organized-crime-unvarnished-truth-about-government.

We received Hungarian translations of Mises's Economic Policy, Rothbard's Education Free and Compulsory, and Hans Hoppe's A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline. They are now available on mises.org.

Gye Woon Allen Jeon, founder of Students for Liberty, Seoul, Korea, recently started the Mises Korea Liberty Project, with the purpose of "achieving a free society, people must know about the state and need to understand real history." Their first translation is "End the Fed." Then they plan to translate Anatomy of the State, The Rothbard Reader, and Betrayal of the American Right.

The Center for Free Enterprise (CFE), a libertarian think tank based in Seoul, Korea, previously published a Korean translation of Man, Economy, and State and will be releasing an updated translation in 2019 in combination with Bob Murphy's Study Guide. They also plan to translate and publish Hayek's Prices and Production and Other Essays this year.

The Bulgarian Libertarian Society offered to translate “Liberalism” by Ludwig von Mises.

Mises Academy:

Tim Terrell's new course "The Economics of Medical Care" has over 350 students signed up for independent study already.


Top Ten New Articles in First Quarter 2019:

Top 5 PDF Book Downloads in First Quarter 2019:

  • Human Action (204,120 downloads)
  • The Theory of Money and Credit (44,279)
  • We (28,155)
  • Nationalokonomie Theorie des Handelns und Wirtschaftens.pdf  (24,418)
  • Leftism From de Sade and Marx to Hitler and Marcuse.pdf  (22,931)

General News and Outreach:

The Institute hosted the 2019 Austrian Economics Research Conference. This year’s event featured over 160 students from 17 countries and 31 U.S. states. 54 students attended on scholarship, and 15 of those presented papers.

Charity Navigator recertifiedthe Institutes as a 4-star charity today for our latest published financials with a total score of 94.29 out of a possible 100, a 4 point improvement over last year. "Only 31% of the charities we evaluate have received at least 2 consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that Mises Institute outperforms most other charities in America. This exceptional designation from Charity Navigator sets Mises Institute apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness."

The Institute was a sponsor at LibertyCon 2019 in Washington, DC. Along with a table that included numerous handouts, Joseph Salerno gave a talk on Ludwig von Mises, Nationalism, and Self-Determination.

The Mises Store sponsored two homeschool conventions in Virginia by providing 30 titles as door prizes.