Your generous gifts provide students the opportunities to learn about the Austrian school of economics, libertarian social theory, and classical liberalism.

Mises University Scholarships

Mises University students think outside of the box and want answers the mainstream programs cannot offer. They want the sound principles of the Austrian school of economics. The pursuit of economic freedom is a mainstay of Mises University and why student scholarships are so in demand. The scholarships are competitive and out of the many students that apply only the best and brightest are accepted. Students learn economics the way it should be taught. DONATE NOW.

Founder's Student Scholarhip

Our Founder and Chairman, Lew Rockwell, has always found optimism in making the Mises Institute a center for education of the next generation. To this end, all of our events including our flagship Mises University have been made available through scholarships to thousands of students from all over the world. As a result, the ideas of Mises and the Austrian school are flourishing more than ever.

The Founder's Scholarship Fund provides the resources to continue the 35-year legacy of bringing the ideas of sound economics, freedom, and peace to students. The next generation of intellectuals, academic scholars, and Austrian entrepreneurs will be made through your support today. DONATE NOW.

Austrian Economics Research Conference Scholarships

For students, AERC is the mecca of the Austrian school. It is the foremost professional meeting of the leaders and thinkers driving the expansion of the Austrian school — the venue where they present their new ideas and innovative research. What is special for those select few students is that they have the extraordinary opportunity to present their own work and have it critiqued by the intellectual elite of the Austrian vanguard. What an opportunity! DONATE NOW.

Event Scholarships

The Mises Institute hosts Seminars, Circles, and other conferences throughout the year. With your generous support, deserving students have the opportunity to attend these unique events for free.

Resident Fellowships

These fellowships are highly competitive and are available to graduate or law students, ABDs and post-docs interested in academic research in the Austrian school and classical liberalism. Your generous gift provides the brightest young Austrian scholars the opportunity of doing research in their individual areas of specialization, under the mentoring of Mises Institute faculty members. These students, steeped in the sound traditions of the Austrian school, will go on to become professors and intellectual leaders in the tradition of Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard. DONATE NOW.