The Mises Institute keeps old classics available to new generations and publishes new original titles expanding our understanding of Austrian economics, the free market, and a classical liberal society of nonintervention. In addition, the Mises Institute's online library is the world's most extensive online collection of literature and media of the Austrian school tradition, classical liberalism, and libertarian thought. Your support of our publishing and library programs makes all of these possible.

Economics in One Lesson

Our current publishing project is Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson classic. To help get this book into the hands of our students, you can donate here

The book is a masterpiece, and easy enough for teenagers but perfect for adults too. It starts with Frédéric Bastiat’s great insight of the Seen and Unseen, and in a single famous paragraph Hazlitt exhorts us to consider the long-run effects of an economic policy on everyone. Just reading this four-page lesson puts readers well ahead of most people! Each subsequent chapter is a short, devastating, stand alone lesson: debunking the broken window fallacy, demolishing public works and taxes, demystifying tariffs and “trade deficits,” destroying arguments for minimum wage and protectionism, and decrying state intervention at every turn. It’s a remarkable tour de force of less than 200 short pages.

The Austrian

The Austrian, published six times a year is unapologetically radical and politically incorrect. Each issue features a conversational interview with a cutting-edge libertarian or Austrian thinker, leading business person, or intellectual entrepreneur, plus an insightful review by David Gordon in his unique and unwavering viewpoint. All of the latest on our events, programs, and student news is also covered in each issue.

Mises Wire

The Mises Wire offers relevant short articles from the perspective of an unfettered free market and Austrian economics, including everything from the history of the state, to international trade, to drug prohibition, and business cycles. The Mises Wire is wholly un-PC, often irreverent, and committed to an honest view of the topic from a non-governmental point of view.


Digital and Online: Our long-term goal is to provide all of the great works of the Austrian school, classical liberalism, and libertarian social philosophy as free digital books. The ideas are timeless, and now these classics, as well as often hard-to-find books are available as free and easy downloads.

Audiobooks: Audiobooks are all the rage so we keep adding new titles from our online book catalog to our library of audiobooks monthly and we make them available on various platforms for listening convenience.

Print: In a time when academic publishing favors magical thinking over rational analysis of facts, the books published by the Mises Institute are a cornerstone of our constant efforts to encourage world-class contemporary Austrian thought. 

Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

The QJAE is a refereed scholarly journal that promotes the development and extension of Austrian economics and the analysis of contemporary issues in the mainstream of economics from an Austrian perspective.