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The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics publishes articles dealing with a wide range of issues in the broad Austrian tradition that is exemplified in the works of Ludwig von Mises, F.A. Hayek, Murray Rothbard, and Israel Kirzner. The primary purpose of the journal is to advance the frontiers of Austrian economic theory. In pursuit of this aim we are especially interested in publishing articles elaborating, applying, or criticizing Mengerian price theory, which constitutes the distinctive core of Austrian economics and whose development has been relatively neglected since Mises’s restatement in Human Action and Rothbard’s comprehensive elaboration in Man, Economy, and State. The journal also welcomes articles on monetary theory, the theory of monetary calculation, capital theory, and the theory of entrepreneurship, all of which also offer scope for further extension or refinement. Submissions on the method, doctrinal development and policy implications of Austrian economics are also welcome. Since the journal aspires to serve as a forum for vigorously and constructively debating unsettled issues in Austrian economics, we encourage submission of comments on and replies to published articles. All submissions will be refereed in a rigorously fair and timely manner.

The QJAE also seeks to actively engage the interest of mainstream economists by publishing articles subjecting neoclassical doctrine to critical analysis. Also, we publish occasional symposia in which an exchange of views takes place between Austrian and mainstream economists on issues of mutual interest.

Joseph T. Salerno
Editor, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
Pace University

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