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What's Next? "Europe Has Always Been at War with Eastasia"


Americans look out! Your empire may not be the only one in the world much longer. The European Union, often thought of by Europeans (and especially European power-hungry politicians) as a way of engineering a super power of their own to equal that of the United States, is consistently taking leaps toward creating a centralized continental super state. Years ago, the European Union invested millions in creating a pan-European history book to be used in schools across the continent. “To create a European sense of belonging,” they said. Recently, the European Parliament voted to study further how they can get the EU’s budget to be the size of “2.5-10%” of the continent’s GDP.

Well, there are ridiculous attempts at creating a united people of Europe as well: British The Telegraph reports that there are plans in the European Parliament to force all national sports teams of EU member states to wear the European Union flag on their jerseys…

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