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New Paper: "Roundaboutness is Not a Mysterious Concept"


Roundaboutness is Not a Mysterious Concept: A Financial Application to Capital Theory Nicolas Cachanosky, Metropolitan State University of Denver Peter Lewin, University of Texas at Dallas - School of Management - Department of Finance & Managerial Economics March 16, 2014

Abstract: We apply the EVA® terminology to the concepts of roundaboutness and average period of production in capital theory. By doing this we show that these terms have a clear and well understood financial interpretation. A financial application to capital theory helps to clarify obscure and controversial economic terms. We then extend our financial interpretation of roundaboutness and average period of production to the Austrian business cycle theory and show how this approach can be used to shed light on the subprime crisis.

Hunter Lewis is author of eleven books, including Economics in Three Lessons & One Hundred Economic Laws, Where Keynes Went Wrong, and Crony Capitalism in America 2008-2012, and has contributed to the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Times of London, The Atlantic and many other magazines and web sites including Mises.org and LewRockwell.com. Lewis is also co-founder of Against Crony Capitalism.org as well as co-founder and former CEO of Cambridge Associates, a global investment firm. He has served on boards and committees of fifteen not-for-profit organizations, including environmental, teaching, research, and cultural organizations, as well as the World Bank.

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