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Don't Dis Crony Capitalism, Sniffs Bruce Bartlett


Bruce Bartlett, who's almost twice my age, and apparently had some sort of "important" job back when I was in grade school, says I'm "living in the past" for talking about the transcontinental railroad:

Wow. This is a guy who calls himself a historian. I guess that fact that Obama and other pols still invoke the railroads as a justification for modern infrastructure projects escapes Bartlett. Or perhaps he's just mad that someone would point out that it's a bad thing to steal from the taxpayers and give to politically-well-connected corporations.

Or he may just be still on his anti-Mises Institute/anti Lew Rockwell crusade, which recently included his nutty about Peter Klein's article on budget default.

Also, Bruce, don't look now, but there's a whole teevee show about the transcontinental railroad on AMC right now called Hell on Wheels, It's actually quite popular, and a fourth season is likely. And even though a popular television show would never, ever have any effect on modern ideologies or modern politics, I'm going to review it for Mises Daily. I look forward to reading your tweets about it.

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