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Gary M. Galles is a Professor of Economics at Pepperdine University and an adjunct scholar at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He is also a research fellow at the Independent Institute, a member of the Foundation for Economic Education faculty network, and a member of the Heartland Institute Board of Policy Advisors.

His research focuses on public finance, public choice, economic education, organization of firms, antitrust, urban economics, liberty, and the problems that undermine effective public policy. His scholarly articles have appeared in The European Journal of the History of Economics Thought, The American Economist, The Journal of Libertarian Studies, The Journal of Economics and Finance Education, The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, The Atlantic Economic Review, The Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies, and The Independent Review. He has also authored well over 1,000 articles for general audiences, in dozens of outlets. In addition to his most recent book, Pathways to Policy Failures (2020), his books include Lines of Liberty (2016), Faulty Premises, Faulty Policies (2014), and Apostle of Peace (2013).

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03/28/2022Power & Market
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Elementos de liderazgo libertario

03/04/2022Power & Market
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Frank Chodorov: un guerrero intelectual contra el Estado omnipotente

02/14/2022Power & Market
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Brown como una guía para el asiento de Breyer

02/04/2022Power & Market
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Voltaire —amante celoso de la libertad humana

01/31/2022Power & Market
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