Organizing Entrepreneurial Judgment

Nicolai J. Foss Peter G. Klein

Now entrepreneurship classes are all the rage. While in real life government strangles businesses large and small everyday, the academic community has finally woken up to what creates wealth—entrepreneurial activity. This is a positive sign. And again it is an advancement for Austrian economics, as it has been the Austrian school that has focused on the role of the entrepreneur in the market process, while other schools of thought haven’t recognized the role of entrepreneurs at all.

Foss and Klein recognize entrepreneurship as judgmental decision making under uncertainty. They show how judgement is the driving force of the market economy and that to understand the performance of a firm, its managers, and organization, the acumen of entrepreneurs and managers must be analyzed and dissected.

Meet the Author
Nicolai Foss
Nicolai J. Foss

Nicolai J Foss is the Rodolfo Debenedetti Chair of Entrepreneurship at the Bocconi University, Milano.

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