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Christopher P. Casey, CFA®, CPA is a Managing Director at WindRock Wealth Management.

There is No Tradeoff Between Inflation and Unemployment

Mises DailyJune 5, 2014
Even mainstream empirical data shows that the Phillips Curve is wrong and that inflation does not cure unemployment.

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Deflating the Deflation Myth

Mises DailyApril 2, 2014
Deflation serves as the theoretical justification of every inflationary action taken by the Federal Reserve and central banks around the world.

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Why the Wealth Effect Doesn’t Work

Mises DailyMarch 11, 2014
The overarching pervasiveness of wealth effect acceptance is not wholly surprising, for it is a perfect blend of the Monetarist and Keynesian Schools.

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Killing the Currency

Mises DailyMay 27, 2013
With such pronounced expansion, will the U.S. soon experience significant price inflation, and if so, how severe may it be?

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The State Grants No Quarter to Freedom

Mises DailyFebruary 25, 2010
State-issued money, as the "critical command post," serves to subtly reinforce the authority of the state, insidiously plunder the savings and purchasing power of its subjects, and massively manipulate the economy...

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